The Möbius strip or Möbius band (alternatively written Mobius or Moebius in English; or Mobeus as we spell it) is a clever mathematical shape discovered independently by the German mathematicians August Ferdinand Möbius and Johann Benedict Listing in 1858. 
The amazing thing about a Mobeus strip is that it has only one surface and one edge.  If you move around a Mobeus strip, you'll find you end up at the same point that you started from without going over an edge.
The Mobeus strip represents the innovative way in which we try to approach investment opportunities, as well as the fundamental continuity of our business - the long standing stability of our team and its consistent focus on the SME market segment.

Our History

1998   Team founded as GLE Development Capital by Mark Wignall, Jonathan Gregory, Bob Henry and Mike Walker
2000  Eric Tung joins GLE
2001 Ashley Broomberg joins Matrix Private Equity (part of Matrix Group)
2004 GLE Development Capital enters into joint venture with Matrix Group to form Matrix Private Equity Partners.   
2009 Rob Brittain's VCT accounting services team is merged into Matrix Private Equity Partners
2010 Chris Price joins the team
2012      Following an MBO from the Matrix Group, Mobeus Equity Partners is launched - a fully independent private equity firm owned 100% by the partners
2013 Greg Blin and Freddie Bacon join the investment team
2014 Investment team resource boosted by additions of Richard Babington, Clive Austin and Guy Blackburn
2015 Jonny Burr joins Mobeus to build a direct origination team which includes Dominic Draysey
2016 Trevor Hope joins as new partner to head new Growth Capital team, supported by Amit Hindocha. Buyout team expands with the additions of Danielle Garland and Matthew Gordon - Smith.
2017 Mobeus surpasses target for first institutional fundraise, announcing final close at £166m. The Mobeus - advised VCTs raise in excess of £60m, bringing total funds under management by Mobeus to well over £400m. The portfolio management team expands with the additions of Justin Maltz, Jane Reoch and Ed Wass, while Josh Levy joins the Growth Capital team.